Classroom Course Regulated Financial Markets – Complete Course

Course introduction

This course offers a complete overview of the investment instruments in regulated markets in the short, medium, and long term: from EFTs to bonds, from shares to indices, from options to certificates.

All the topics will be covered both in a theoretical and practical way to allow the participant to immediately apply their knowledge to their economic resources by diversifying them.

In addition, as better specified below, at the end of the course there will be a support phase that guarantees periodic upgrading and, upon request, individual assistance.

Who is this course for?

This course has been designed for anyone wanting to deepen their knowledge of investment instruments with a practical approach.

It is mainly indicated for anyone who has a concrete need to access these investment instruments – such as entrepreneurs, anyone having large liquid assets or wanting to create a constant income over time to optimize their income, CEOs who are taking care of extraordinary operations within their company...

What skills will you acquire?

With this course you will acquire the following skills:

  • Knowledge of investment instruments
  • Ability to identify the most suitable instruments depending on the assets
  • Ability to perform strategic analysis in the short, medium, and long term

Why join this course?

This course will make you aware of financial matters so that you can protect your own or a third party’s economic interest.

Training programme

This course includes:

1. INTRODUCTORY MATERIAL in digital format for basic skills (i.e., concerning stocks, US indices, options on US stocks and indices, investment certificates)

2. 6 DAYS OF FULL-IMMERSION TRAINING from 22 to 27 July in Rome


  • At your request, you may add the POST-COURSE INDIVIDUAL SUPPORT service,

which includes six 2-hour virtual meetings every two months over 12 MONTHS to deepen the topics covered by the course based on your needs.

You can apply for the service when enrolling in the course ‘Portfolio diversification in regulated markets’ or at a later stage after its completion.

The course includes a final test and on-going tests.

Study path

Fundamental analysis – long-term equity investments

  • he basics of fundamental analysis
  • he models to apply
  • he assessment/forecasting process
  • undamental analysis applied to investments
  • on-financial and financial sector drills
  • edium-term investments with ETFs and bonds

ETFs and ETCs – Definitions and types

  • Bond basics
  • Medium-term diversification with ETFs and bonds
  • Criteria for building an ETF portfolio
  • Building and continuous optimisation of a bond portfolio
  • Practical examples of diversification in the medium term with ETFs and bonds

Short-term portfolio diversification with shares, indices, options, and certificates

  • US stocks and world stock indices
  • Call/Put options and repeatable strategies
  • Characteristics of investment certificates and how to select them
  • Practical examples of stocks and stock indices
  • Operations on individual strategies with options
  • How to filter investment certificates

Course teachers

Donato Rossiello

After his master’s degree in Economics, he immediately embarked on his career as a financial consultant, a career he has been pursuing for more than ten years now. In the meantime, he also deepened the topic through a specific higher education professional path at the ING institute held by SDA Bocconi, the graduate business school of the Bocconi University of Milan.

He is registered in the Professional Association of Financial Advisors and holds the EFPA certificate certifying such professional standard at European level.

Thanks to his professional background, he supports clients in planning their economic resources so that they can achieve financial independence.

Passionate about his work and very attentive to customer care – so as to represent a significant reference point for many entrepreneurs, freelancers, and individuals – currently he is successfully following a large number of customers.

He works close to individuals and their specific financial needs, which requires first of all a very intense training activity for anyone who wants to better manage their assets. For this reason, today he is one of the teachers at ProFinance INSTITUTE who has been entrusted, in addition to the training on the various financial instruments, also with the post-course support of students for individual and personalised advice.

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