One-to-One Scalping Course

Course introduction

The Scalping technique allows the trader or investor to generate profits very quickly, since it aims at working on charts with x second(s) or x minute(s) time frames. This technique could be applied on any financial instrument, but surely a very liquid instrument should be preferred, with (almost) equal to zero spreads and such a volatility as to allow for the generation of trades and gains in a very limited period of time.

Usually, futures are used as financial instruments, and trading platforms that guarantee the trader an extraordinary speed of execution are preferred.

The investor in this case needs more experience than theory – only with experience you can reach an adequate level, so that you can face the market in any situation of the day, with low or high volatility, with the presence or absence of important news. The participant is required to faithfully apply the rules necessary to trade precisely with an adequate Stop Loss and Take Profit, in order to achieve a percentage of successful trades clearly higher than that of unsuccessful trades. Indeed, risk management is the most important element of trading that is covered by the course.

In addition, the participant will be shown the right way to better contain risks, using not their own assets, but rather those of businesses in search of traders and financial managers capable of containing risks and maximizing returns, with the possibility of reaching significant gains even if starting from small sizes.

At your request, you may add the POST-COURSE INDIVIDUAL SUPPORT service,

which includes six 2-hour virtual meetings every two months over 12 MONTHS to deepen the topics covered by the course based on your needs.

You can request the service when enrolling in the course or at a later stage after its completion.

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Training programme

The course includes:

1. INTRODUCTORY MATERIAL in digital format for basic skills



Docenti del corso

Donato Rossiello

After his master’s degree in Economics, he immediately embarked on his career as a financial consultant, a career he has been pursuing for more than ten years now. In the meantime, he also deepened the topic through a specific higher education professional path at the ING institute held by SDA Bocconi, the graduate business school of the Bocconi University of Milan.

He is registered in the Professional Association of Financial Advisors and holds the EFPA certificate certifying such professional standard at European level.

Thanks to his professional background, he supports clients in planning their economic resources so that they can achieve financial independence.

Passionate about his work and very attentive to customer care – so as to represent a significant reference point for many entrepreneurs, freelancers, and individuals – currently he is successfully following a large number of customers.

He works close to individuals and their specific financial needs, which requires first of all a very intense training activity for anyone who wants to better manage their assets. For this reason, today he is one of the teachers at ProFinance INSTITUTE who has been entrusted, in addition to the training on the various financial instruments, also with the post-course support of students for individual and personalised advice.

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