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Our training offer

One-to-one Courses

A teacher just for you – for fast, tailored learning.
We have designed training courses with a series of one-to-one private lessons – both theoretical and practical – covering the most important topics, to help you develop your financial awareness in a short time. With a personal teacher exclusively for you, we can provide you with a flexible training that matches your learning pace.

Classroom-based Courses

From virtual to real – choose face-to-face lessons for authentic, interactive, and complete learning.
Here you will find the list of our face-to-face courses, that allow for a practical approach and more intense involvement of the participants, who can get directly in contact with the teachers. In addition, the possibility to discuss with your classmates will make your training experience more stimulating.

Online Courses

From theory into practice in a flash – short paths for immediate results.
We have selected the essential topics for your professional training in the financial field. Short programmes, 24/7 accessible on all your devices, to keep you up-to-date and help you take the first steps towards a high-level financial literacy.

Management Courses

Management training: Invest in your future and become a leader in the financial sector
If you are aiming at a managerial role in the financial industry or at advancing your career within your own organisation, we have designed specific paths to teach you how to manage entire business areas while also helping you develop the necessary personal skills for leadership and HR management.

In-house courses for Companies

Build and develop your perfect workforce: Choose in-house courses for internal training focused on the needs of your company
Our academy is the right choice for all companies that need a tailored training in economics, finance, and management development to boost their employees’ skills and increase their production capacity. The training will take place in-house, following a schedule conveniently agreed to suit your company’s needs.
Investment IRMA

Investment IRMA is the section dedicated to entrepreneurs and those with significant assets to reinvest profitably within the financial market.

The identification of the most profitable formulas and methods ensuring a high degree of security for financial flows are entrusted to our industry experts who have been managing significant assets for years.

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